Free Fiction: “Burying Little Annie” by Brian James Freeman

banner that says Cemetery Dance Free Fiction

After 19 years working at Cemetery Dance, Brian James Freeman went full-time on his own writing and publishing ventures back in January thanks to the support of his readers over on Patreon. Here is one example of the new short fiction he’s been writing this year.

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Interview: Francois Vaillancourt on illustrating Stephen King’s REVIVAL

Artwork for the LetterPress Publications edition of Stephen King’s Revival by Francois Vaillancourt.

If you’ve bought a limited edition book from Cemetery Dance in the last decade or so, chances are extremely high that Brian James Freeman and Kate Freeman had a hand in making that book a reality. Recently, Brian announced the formation of a new small press, LetterPress Publications, which he and Kate will use to continue pursuing and creating their own publishing passion projects. (Fear not, Brian remains an integral part of the Cemetery Dance family!) They’re off to a great start with their debut* project, a special limited edition of Stephen King’s 2014 novel Revival.Continue Reading