Review: Maggots Screaming by Max Booth III

cover of Maggots ScreamingMaggots Screaming by Max Booth III
Ghoulish Books (April 2022)
342 pages; $17.67 Paperback; $5.99 ebook
Reviewed by Anton Cancre

Max Booth III has set himself up as the king of turning the worst ideas on the planet into absolute gold. Two old friends arguing in a basement because one thinks he is a werewolf? Killer. A family stuck in their bathroom? Heartbreaking. A father and a son dig up their own corpses from the back garden…

Yup, that is the elevator pitch here. At best, a minute-long gag filling space in a cheap anthology film. WEIRD! CREEPY! DONE! And we move on with our lives.

But not Max. Nope. He manages to turn it into a stupidly engaging  book.Continue Reading