Review: The Thicket by Noelle West Ihli

cover of The Thicket by Noelle West IhliThe Thicket by Noelle West Ihli
Dynamite Books (July 2021)
307 pages; $15.41 paperback; $2.99 e-book
Reviewed by Janine Pipe

The Thicket is, in a nutshell, a slasher story set at Halloween. That very fact alone ticked many boxes and I was not disappointed. We seem to be riding a new wave of all things slasher right now, with the popularity of Fear Street reigniting the flame for us ’90s kids, and hopefully a new generation of fans has been born. There is something just cozy for me about this particular sub-genre; it allows for tropes and formula. Basically, you (usually) know what you’re getting with this subject matter.Continue Reading