The Last Christmas by F. Paul Wilson: New Signed Limited Edition Hardcover from Gauntlet Press!

We’re pleased to report we’ll be receiving copies of both signed editions of The Last Christmas by F. Paul Wilson from Gauntlet Press, but please place your order ASAP because we don’t know how long our supplies will last!

About the Book:
Jack is back.

It’s late December between Ground Zero and Fatal Error, a winter of discontent for Jack who’s perhaps spending too much time hanging at Julio’s. An old contact, Edward Burkes, convinces him to take on a missing-person fix. As usual, nothing is as it seems and the missing person isn’t exactly a person. In fact, it’s like nothing anyone has ever seen.

And in the middle of all this, the mysterious Madame de Medici hires him to safeguard a valuable object. Simple, right?

Not even close.

Yep, Jack is back and, as usual, weird trouble is on his heels.

The Last Christmas

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