The Thirteen Days of Halloween eBook Promotion: The Legend of Halloween Jack by Lisa Morton

Jack is a gambler, a conman, and a murderer whose luck finally gives out one Halloween when he dies in a Baton Rouge back alley. The wily Jack tricks the demon sent to collect him and gains one more year of life, during which he plans to repent. But Jack soon falls back into his old ways, and before he knows it the year has passed, it’s Halloween again, and Jack is facing off against the Devil himself in a New Orleans casino in this dark and disturbing re-telling of the legend of Jack-o’-lantern…

The Legend of Halloween Jack

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This year Cemetery Dance Publications is gathering a collection of the horror genre’s finest authors to pay tribute to our favorite holiday.  Watch for the other stories in the series by Stewart O’Nan, Joe R. Lansdale, Norman Prentiss, Kealan Patrick Burke, Graham Masterton, Lisa Morton, Brian James Freeman, and many others!

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