University by Bentley Little eBook Edition Published!

“University is unlike anything else in popular fiction.”
— Stephen King

Hi Folks!

University, the acclaimed novel by Bentley Little, is now available for the first time ever as a bargain priced eBook, but this price may increase at any time, so don’t wait to download your copy!

About the Novel:
Once, the southern California campus was praised for its high honors and distinguished tradition. But this semester, the esteemed institution is going through a change. This semester, UC Brea is really coming alive…

In a dark campus parking lot, a female student senses a presence, but it’s too late to scream…

An unnatural appetite possesses a school janitor who lingers in the stairwells, waiting…

And after nightfall, the sixth-floor library is strictly forbidden. Anyone who’s gone there knows why…

Because something at UC Brea wants to teach the students a lesson… • • • Barnes & Noble • iBookstore • Kobo


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