An Update From the Desk of Richard Chizmar, Founder of Cemetery Dance Publications

An Update From the Desk of Richard Chizmar,
Founder of Cemetery Dance Publications

It’s been quite a whirlwind around here ever since we announced GWENDY’S BUTTON BOX. A lot of pre-production work (GWENDY will have the largest first printing ever for a Cemetery Dance book) and a whole lot of press and publicity. Stay tuned for more news soon regarding the audio book release from Simon & Schuster, overseas sales, and even movie possibilities.

But, while GWENDY has stolen most of the recent spotlight, we’ve also been hard at work putting together a publishing line-up that will make 2017 and 2018 two of our biggest years ever — just in time for the 30th anniversary of our founding in 1988.

Although we’re not ready to accept reservations yet for many of these (so please don’t email the office and ask), I wanted to give you a sneak peek at just a few of these amazing projects.

First, I’m extremely excited to report we will be publishing a special edition of SLEEPING BEAUTIES by Stephen King and Owen King. I cannot say more at this time, other than we’ve already read this massive novel and we’re incredibly thrilled to be able to publish it in three different deluxe editions. Details to come later this year, and again, we’re not accepting reservations yet, but we expect this one to sell out in record time. (And yep, that’s a photo of the manuscript!)

We’ll also be publishing a signed Limited Edition of STRANGE WEATHER by Joe Hill. This brand new novella collection from one of the finest young authors working in horror today will feature full-color artwork from four different artists handpicked by Joe and will be published in a unique format that will make STRANGE WEATHER one of Joe’s most collectible special editions ever.

Our special edition of WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER by Owen King is headed to the printer in the next month or so, and we’re already working on another special edition with Owen that will feature so much bonus material that our edition will be double the length of the trade edition.

In addition to THE DAMNATION GAME by Clive Barker, which will be shipping in late summer, we also have another surprise signed Limited Edition from Clive that we’ve been secretly working on. This new project won’t be announced until it’s ready for the printer.

Longtime Bentley Little fans will be very pleased to learn that we’re sending the signed Limited Edition of his brand new novel, THE HANDYMAN, to the printer next month, with trade editions to follow later this fall. THE HANDYMAN is classic Bentley Little, and one of my all-time favorite Little novels. We’re also publishing close to ten backlist titles of Bentley’s as trade paperbacks and eBooks this year. We’re thrilled to get these amazing books back in print!

We also recently received the lengthy manuscript for a new Bentley Little short story collection – featuring many brand new, never-before-published stories, as well as some seldom-seen reprints. No title on this one yet, but more details coming soon.

Not only do we have TWO very special (unannounced) signed Limited Editions from Robert McCammon deep in production to be published this year (and they are very unique books that have never seen print in this format before!), but I’m thrilled to report that in February 2018 we’ll be publishing one of our most important releases ever: THE LISTENER by Robert McCammon, a breathtaking new novel that will not only please his longtime fans but also captivate readers who have somehow missed out on his previous work. This one feels like a game changer to everyone who has read it.

Simply put, this is one of the finest novels I’ve read in years. Period. THE LISTENER will be published in trade hardcover and eBook formats for general readers, but we also have some incredible plans for the signed editions as well. Stay tuned for complete details over the next year as we gear up to publish this novel in a major way.

That’s all for now, but I’ll probably pop back in later this year for another update regarding even more exciting Cemetery Dance releases. As always, thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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  1. Richard. As someone who has followed CD from the very start, I’m amazed that we have “danced” together for nearly 30 years. Through the many trials and sucesses of you and CD I have always felt a special kinship. Looking forward to seeing the many upcoming treats arriving in my mailbox. Keep On Dancing?


  2. It sounds like a fantastic publishing year for all of us “Gotta Have A Book In My Hands People”, from Chizmar again! I love the sound of the line up he has coming out. I have been dying for new Robert McCammon to be released and Chizmar makes The Listener seem to be the one to have. Can hardly wait for more. Friend him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter to get inside info on releases and to hear what he is up to. Absolutely Love Them! <3 <3

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