The Cemetery Dance (Video) Interview: Richard Christian Matheson

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cover of Scars and Other Distinguishing MarksRichard Christian Matheson is a multi-faceted creator best known for his screenwriting achievements. Even if you’re unfamiliar with his work, I all but guarantee you’ve experienced it at some point in your life, either directly or by proxy. RC has written for such classic television properties as Knight Rider (1982), Three’s Company (1978), Tales From The Crypt (1991) and The A Team 1983-1986) as well as films like Three O’Clock High (1987), Sole Survivor (2000), Bid Driver (2014), and Nightmare Cinema (2018) to name but a scant few. According to his Wikipedia page, RC has published short stories across 150 anthologies, with more coming out each year, and is often listed in best of the year themed anthologies. His own collections, Scars and Other Distinguishing Marks, Dystopia and Zoopraxis are highly praised with Zoopraxis having since been released as an updated, expanded edition. 

I first came to know RC through the coverage I did for Battleground. the making of book for his wordless contribution to Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King (2006). I’ve since had the pleasure of interacting with RC on a number of occasions and if there’s one thing I was quick to learn, it’s that he is as kind and generous as he is talented. I’ve not only enjoyed reviewing and chatting with RC about his own craft, but also the various projects he’s introduced or otherwise been a part of, like when he gathered the greatest living dark fiction writers to write a tribute story inspired by The Beardless Warriors, the novel written by his legendary father, Richard Matheson. That book was called Brothers in Arms and published in limited form by Gauntlet Press publications. 

Most recently, RC wrote the introduction to The Feverish Stars, a collection of outstanding stories by John Shirley, the man who co-penned the screenplay to one of my favorite films of all time, The Crow, among several published novels and collections. In this conversation, live and unfiltered, I had the chance to chat with RC about what it takes for him to get involved in other people’s projects, what he’s been working on, what it was like playing in a rock and roll band with other legendary writers, and a whole lot more.

Without further ado, sit back and enjoy! Be sure to let us know how you enjoyed our sit down with the master of minimalism, RC Matheson. 

(Interview conducted by Rick Hipson)

Rick Hipson is a Canadian genre journalist living in Kitchener Ontario with his partner in crime, young spawn and two cats who insist they aren’t vying for world domination. For over twenty years Rick has written for a variety of small press publications in print and online which no longer exist through, assumably, no fault of his own. He continues to share his love for dark culture entertainment through his film and book reviews, interviews and articles, which can be found through Rue Morgue Magazine, Cemetery Dance and Hell Notes.

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