Review: ‘Blue Demon’ by David Bernstein

Blue Demon by David Bernstein
Sinister Grin Press (December 2016)
134 pages; $11.99 paperback; $2.99 e-book
Reviewed by Frank Michaels Errington

David Bernstein is rapidly becoming a MUST READ author for me.  His stuff tends to be raw, gripping, compelling and, above all, imaginative. Sometimes played for fun, but more often for vengeance.

Blue Demon was Dan’s favorite cartoon growing up, so much so that he purchased the complete three-season DVD collection as an adult and introduced it to his nine-year-old son, Cal. Blue Demon was a deity that could be called upon to defend people in need, to right injustices and to make sure the people of the land were watched over and protected.

What if the Blue Demon wasn’t just a cartoon show? What if it was based on a real legend? Time to check your disbelief at the door because uncle David is going to take you there.

What starts out as a warm-hearted story about a father and son bonding over a cartoon character quickly turns sad and dark, much like life. Despite its somewhat simple and seemingly silly premise, Bernstein presents the reader with an expertly-crafted tale that delivers when it counts.

Definitely recommended.

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