Review: Midnight on Beacon Street by Emily Ruth Verona

cover of Midnight on Beacon StreetMidnight on Beacon Street by Emily Ruth Verona
Harper Perennial (January 2024)
208 pages; paperback $14.39; e-book $11.99
Reviewed by Chandra Claypool (Instagram) (TikTok)

If you have ever been a babysitter, you probably know of all the urban legends and scary things that could happen while you, a teenager and almost a child yourself, is in charge of the safety of other humans. No pressure, right? Midnight on Beacon Street is a “love letter to vintage horror movies.” I weirdly love anxiety-inducing babysitting-type reads and movies. The Babysitter, When a Stranger Calls, Halloween, Better Watch Out… I love it. And this debut novel at a teensy bit over 200 pages gives us that nod to classic horror films and I’m here for it!

Poor Amy got a little bit of what she loves in horror come to life. Like me, she loves horror movies. But even the most predictable of movies can cause real-life paranoia and anxiety. The unexpected knock at the door, creepy calls and a dead body? It doesn’t get much more scarier for Amy… or for Ben, the little one who finds said dead body.

Told in a non-linear format with various points-of-view, it took a minute to get into it. I enjoyed that we get a bit of backstory with Amy to lend more to the emotional aspect of this read. A character-driven book, the atmosphere truly adds to the suspenseful nature of the bloody intrigue. The views of each character also contributes to the reader experiencing this frightful night.

This debut definitely ratchets the anxiety and suspense and while I may have had some teeny issues, I found myself highly entertained and wanting more. GIMME MORE. This is perfect for those who are in need for a nostalgic horror story that explores strength in the face of fear and anxiety.

4 stars

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