Review: Subhuman (A Unit 51 Novel) by Michael McBride

Subhuman (A Unit 51 Novel) by Michael McBride
Pinnacle (October 2017)
400 pages; $7.48 paperback; $6.99 e-book
Reviewed by Dave Simms

Imagine if Michael Crichton penned The Thing or crossed writing styles with F. Paul Wilson; it might give an idea of what Michael McBride has accomplished in Subhuman. This novel begins a new series (UNIT 51) that looks to be one of the most exciting thriller/horror series in several years.Continue Reading

Norman Prentiss and Michael McBride: Collaborating on 'The Narrator'

Norman Prentiss and Michael McBride:
Collaborating on The Narrator

The Narrator eBook

The Narrator, written by Norman Prentiss and Michael McBride, was first released by Cemetery Dance in 2014 in a trade paperback edition. Now it’s back in a new digital edition, and the authors took this chance to sit down and look back on their work together.

The Narrator: The children in Julia Linder’s sixth grade class have grown increasingly agitated. The symptoms are spreading and the source seems to be stories that seize upon the children’s deeply seated fears and intensify them….  

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