The Eater of Gods by Dan Franklin: The New Supernatural Thriller Everyone Will Be Talking About!

We’re very pleased to announce we’ll be publishing The Eater of Gods by Dan Franklin, an extremely exciting debut that is already very deep in production and will be published early next year!

About the Book:
Nothing really dies if it’s remembered, his wife had told him.

In the dying village of Al Tarfuk, lost among the war-stained dunes of eastern Libya, professor Norman Haas learns the location of the tomb that had been his wife’s life pursuit. The final resting place of Kiya, the lost queen of Akhenaten, whose history had been etched from the stone analogues of history for her heresies against the long absent pantheon of Egyptian gods.

He never expected to discover that the tomb was the final resting place to more than the dead. And as his team of researchers find themselves trapped inside the ancient tomb, Norman realizes all too soon that his wife was right—

Nothing really dies if it’s remembered…

But some things are best forgotten.

Dan Franklin’s debut supernatural thriller is a tale of grief, of loneliness, and of an ageless, hungry fury that waits with ready tooth and claw beneath the sand.


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Infinity Dreams by Glen Hirshberg: Coming Soon in Trade Paperback and eBook Formats!

We’re very pleased to announce we’ll be publishing Infinity Dreams by Glen Hirshberg, which is already very deep in production and will be coming this December in trade paperback and eBook formats!

About the Book:
There are people who collect coins, baseball cards, flashlights. They trade and sell them at conventions, flea markets, antique malls.

Those are not the people Nadine and Normal (a.k.a. The Collector) serve, and those places are not where you’ll find them.

Their quests have led them to decidedly less familiar characters and locales:

  • A music obsessive who gives a little more than fandom—and takes a little more than music—from the artists he loves.
  • A bouquiniste stall along the Left Bank of the Seine that has remained locked—for good reason—for 150 years.
  • A box full of View-Master reels showing tiny photographs of places—some of which don’t exist.
  • A former Nazi-in-training, haunted—to the point of life-crippling paralysis—by a taste.

But now, Nadine lives sequestered in the Northern California woods, caring for the Collector, who has slid into early-onset dementia. One day, against her better judgment, she accepts an interview request from a young journalist. Who might not be a journalist. He has come for their stories.

Or maybe for something else.

Meanwhile, down the coast, in the cities, a wildness has gotten loose, and the world is tilting out of true, and the boundaries between reality and dream are not just blurring but melting.

But is that for better or worse? And who gets to say?

Welcome to Infinity Dreams, a novel-in-stories about dreaming your life, and living in dreams, and the permeable limbo we insist on calling reality.


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MURDER HOUSE DVD Available For Ordering Today!

Cemetery Dance in association with Sympatico presents

Every small town has a haunted house located within its borders. If not haunted by things unseen and unknown, then a place borne of violent tragedy. Some of these houses become legendary and enter the national conscience. The Amityville Horror in upstate New York comes to mind. Tonight is the five-year anniversary of the Cavanaugh family massacre, and for the first time in several years someone will dare to enter the belly of the beast in Edgewood, Maryland–the Murder House.

Running time: 38 minutes

Exclusive DVD Bonus Features: The MURDER HOUSE script. Still photographs. A Conversation with Richard Chizmar & Billy Chizmar.


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Gwendy’s Trilogy Three Book Hardcover Set in Slipcase!

We’ve had collectors asking us for years now if we will produce a slipcase to house a complete set of the Gwendy’s Trilogy together, and now that the third book is headed to the printer and we’re in the home stretch, we can officially tell you the answer is YES!

To celebrate, we’re producing a very limited set of Gwendy’s Button Box, Gwendy’s Magic Feather, and Gwendy’s Final Task with brand new “matched” dust jackets, and they will be be housed all together in a brand new collectible slipcase!

These new Slipcased Matched Collectors Sets are only available for preorder for a limited time only, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! There will be no additional printings! (The slipcase is also available separately for anyone who already has the Gwendy books and just needs the slipcase.)

Priced at just $99, this set is really a bargain when you add up the retail prices of all three books AND a slipcase, and we don’t expect these to last long at all! Order today, so you don’t miss out!


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Heart-Shaped Box: The Deluxe Special Edition by Joe Hill Announced!

Heart-Shaped Box: The Deluxe Special Edition
by Joe Hill

New Signed & Slipcased Limited Edition from Lividian Publications!
Includes Special Bonus Material, the “Lost” First Chapter, 19 Full-Color Illustrations, and more!

We’re pleased to report we will be getting copies of the new Lividian Publications signed and slipcased Limited Edition hardcover of Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill!

This deluxe edition includes a brand-new foreword by Josh Malerman, an introduction by Joe Hill that has only previously appeared in the UK, bonus features including “Jude Confronts Global Warming” and the “lost” first chapter of the novel, along with “Traveling the Night Road with Joe Hill: On Heart-Shaped Box” by Mathias Clasen, the acclaimed Danish scholar of horror fiction and an associate professor in literature and media at Aarhus University.

In addition, this gorgeous volume will feature an incredible nineteen full-color illustrations by François Vaillancourt, printed on an acid-free glossy stock to retain the richness of the artwork and tipped into the book.

The Lividian Publications special edition of Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill is already rolling at the printer and will be published in the first quarter of 2022.


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CD Author Scott Edelman Featured on Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

Author Scott Edelman was a recent guest of the popular podcast Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy, where he discussed, among other things, his Cemetery Dance release Things That Never HappenedCheck out the full interview below, and scroll on down for more information on the book.

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Kevin Lucia, Horror Oasis team up to offer free e-books!

free e-books from Kevin Lucia and Horror Oasis

Longtime Cemetery Dance pal Kevin Lucia has partnered with Horror Oasis for an amazing giveaway: sign up for the Horror Oasis newsletter and get five e-books featuring some of Kevin’s short stories for free!

The stories offered are “Therapy,” “Lament,” “A Circle that Ever Returneth,” “When We All Meet at the Ofrenda,” and “Almost Home.”

Kevin’s a busy man these days, writing new fiction, working on his YouTube show “Into the Abyss,” and much more! You can keep up with all of his shenanigans at his website.


Gloria by Bentley Little: A Brand New Novel Coming Soon!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be publishing another brand new Bentley Little novel in hardcover, and this one is strange and wonderful in that perfectly Bentley Little way! Even better, Gloria will be shipping to readers in just a few months!

About the Book:
Considering she had just attended her mother’s funeral, Gloria Jaymes never expected to see the woman again, but then her dead mom shows up at her house.

Gloria’s mom is… different. She’s younger than when she died, dressed in clothes from the 1980s. And nobody else in Gloria’s family seems to recognize her.

As Gloria tries to figure out the reason for her mother’s reappearance — and the odd behaviors the woman begins to exhibit — other bizarre events occur. The changes to Gloria’s world are small and subtle, at first… then they become much more startling.

The freaky situation might just be connected to a mysterious shed in a small California town. The strangers who gather around the shed seem to know Gloria’s name… and maybe they aren’t strangers after all.

With Gloria, Bentley Little presents one of his most complex and compelling novels — one that is certain to surprise readers on every page.


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Gwendy’s Button Box eBook ON SALE RIGHT NOW!

If you’re late to the game on the Gwendy Trilogy and want to see what Stephen King and Richard Chizmar have been up to, today is the day!

The Kindle edition of Gwendy’s Button Box is on sale on for just $1.99 right now but we have NO idea how long this will last, so do not wait to place your order!


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New Surprise Glen Hirshberg eBook Available Now!

The Ones Who Are Waving: Stories of the Strange, Sad, and Wondrous
by Glen Hirshberg

New Surprise eBook Available Now!

Hi Folks!

We’re extremely pleased to announce that we’ve published The Ones Who Are Waving: Stories of the Strange, Sad, and Wondrous by Glen Hirshberg in an extremely affordable eBook edition, but this extra special low price might not last forever, so grab your copy today!

About the Book:
With his latest collection, critically acclaimed and award-winning storyteller Glen Hirshberg offers a vivid travelogue through landscapes both geographical and emotional, on the way to destinations as wondrous as they are unsettling:

–  Snowy St. Petersburg, Russia, where bears appear in the strangest places;

– The broiling Inland Empire east of Los Angeles where an unlikely cricket match gets interrupted by menaces spectral and otherwise;

– Earthquake-riddled Tokyo, where reality itself is cracking;

– The eastern Montana plains of Hirshberg’s celebrated Halloween tale, “Mr. Dark’s Carnival,” where the stories people tell prove as harrowing as the infamous Carnival itself. At least, until the night the Carnival comes back…

This volume also contains three linked adventures about The Collector, who trades in cryptic experiences at the edges of dreams: a grocery store in the desolate east of New Mexico which houses a collection too disturbing even for him; a marine repository for legendary, long-lost musical recordings; a bakery whose proprietor has developed a dessert a little too tasty for eating.

Having circled the globe, the book returns home to conclude with the luminous title story, a meditation on the ways fiction transforms writers and audience alike, inspired by the author’s own performing experiences with the touring ghost story troupe known as The Rolling Darkness Revue.

Here, then, is a wanderer’s lament. A ballad of discovery and its costs. A whistling stroll in the shadows with The Ones Who Are Waving.


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Gwendy’s Final Task by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar: Brand New Novel Announced Today!

Gwendy’s Final Task
by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar

Cemetery Dance Publications Exclusive Trade Hardcover Announced Today!

Win a Copy Signed by BOTH Authors!

We’re very pleased to announce Gwendy’s Final Task by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar, a brand new original novel that will be published by Cemetery Dance Publications as the World’s First Edition Hardcover on February 15, 2022! Featuring cover artwork by Ben Baldwin and interior artwork by Keith Minnion, this will complete the Gwendy Trilogy (Gwendy’s Button Box, Gwendy’s Magic Feather).

This trade hardcover edition is available through the Cemetery Dance online store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and independent booksellers everywhere including Caprichos Books in Bel Air, Maryland.

Win a Copy Signed by BOTH Authors!
We’re also thrilled to report that Stephen King and Richard Chizmar are signing THREE copies of our World’s First Edition Hardcover to be given away!

There are three “groups” of eligible booksellers for this giveaway, and anyone who orders from one of the groups can enter to win the copy that is being given to someone who orders from that specific group. And yes, since we know someone will ask, you can order from all these groups to enter three times!

* Cemetery Dance online store
* Indie bookstores like Caprichos Books
* Chain stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million

To enter, just forward your email order confirmation to and we’ll do the rest! There’s also a free method of entry, which you can read about on the official giveaway page.

Get a FREE Signed Bookplate For Your Book!
Copies preordered via the Cemetery Dance Online store or Caprichos Books will be signed by Richard Chizmar!

If you order from another store, you can forward your order confirmation to to enter the giveaway and request a signed bookplate!


About the Book:
When Gwendy Peterson was twelve, a mysterious stranger named Richard Farris gave her a mysterious box for safekeeping. It offered treats and vintage coins, but it was dangerous. Pushing any of its seven colored buttons promised death and destruction.

Years later, the button box entered Gwendy’s life again. A successful novelist and a rising political star, she was once again forced to deal with the temptation that box represented.

Now, evil forces seek to possess the button box and it is up to Senator Gwendy Peterson to keep it from them. At all costs. But where can you hide something from such powerful entities?

In Gwendy’s Final Task, “horror giants” (Publishers Weekly) Stephen King and Richard Chizmar take us on a journey from Castle Rock to another famous cursed Maine city to the MF-1 space station, where Gwendy must execute a secret mission to save the world. And, maybe, all worlds.


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Hardcore Kelli by Wrath James White: Surprise In-Stock Trade Paperback!

We’re pleased to announce another surprise in-stock trade paperback: Hardcore Kelli by Wrath James White!

About the Book:
Bullets whizzed past Katy as she dashed through the grass and weeds, and the maze of broken recreational vehicles, farm equipment, and other slowly oxidizing junk.

She gripped the gleaming battle axe in both hands as she waded through gunfire, determined to reach her archnemesis and end his reign of terror forever. Murder Man stood in the doorway of the rundown mobile home, firing at will. She had found his lair. Now it was time to bring him to justice.

Katy hurdled the rusting skeleton of an old ’77 Ford Thunderbird like an Olympic gymnast. She had once been a cheerleader, a good one. Once upon a time she could do flips, handsprings, and somersaults with ease. That was so long ago it felt more like an ancient story from some dusty old history book than something that had actually occurred in her lifetime.

Like someone else’s life…


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The Compendium of F: Vol. One—The Complete Short Fiction of F. Paul Wilson

Borderlands Press is soon to publish the first of three volumes of the complete short fiction of fan favorite F. Paul Wilson, and we’re very pleased to report we’re getting a few copies for our collectors!

This first volume collects all the stories Wilson published in the 70s and 80s. Presented in chronological order with introductory notes by the author, this is a monumental and historical document as well as a wonderful celebration of a staggeringly impressive career by one of our best.


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Chart of Darkness by Kevin Quigley: Surprise In-Stock Limited Edition Already 90% Sold Out!

We’re extremely pleased to announce we’re publishing Chart of Darkness by Kevin Quigley as a “surprise in-stock” Limited Edition, and thanks to the booming market for all things Stephen King, this special edition is already 90% sold out!

About the Book:
Stephen King’s unprecedented career has yielded him more than thirty #1 New York Times bestselling books. He is the only writer to have ever reached the top slot of that list in five different decades. And in 1996, the Times changed their policies regarding bestsellers because King had too many at the same time. But how did it all happen? And why?

From Stephen King expert Kevin Quigley comes a fascinating journey through King’s unprecedented career by way of the charts that helped define it. Chart of Darkness is the first book that navigates King’s popular success through the odd and tempestuous world of The New York Times Bestsellers List.

What was King’s first novel to hit #1? (Hint: It wasn’t Carrie.) What happened when King went up against Harry Potter, and how did the showdown end? How did Joyland break King’s decade-long streak of no #1 paperbacks?

It’s all charted here in a fun, narrative look at the sweep of Stephen King’s amazing body of work!


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