News from the Dead Zone #143

King’s official web site and Scribner today announced the September 1, 2011 release of Mile 81. This 80 page eBook exclusive contains the title story and an excerpt from 11/22/63. You can read the story synopsis here. If the title sounds vaguely familiar, you have an astute memory: the rest stop at Mile 81 of the Maine Turnpike is mentioned (just once, in passing) in Dreamcatcher. Don’t have a Kindle? There are apps for these books for iPhones and iPads, and also a program you can install on a Windows PC to read Kindle content.

Scribner has also announced the publication date for The Wind Through the Keyhole: April 3, 2012. They show the book as being 336 pages, but that’s probably just an estimate at this point. I’ll have a brief review of the book in Cemetery Dance #66. Though they aren’t ready to take orders yet, Grant Books announced that their edition will be out in February. CD & Grant are both producing custom slipcases for the trade edition.

King will have a new short story, “The Little Green God of Agony,” in Stephen Jones’s anthology A Book of Horrors. I haven’t seen anything about a US release yet, but Amazon/UK is accepting pre-orders for the British edition, which comes out in September.

The second season of Haven premieres on SyFy tonight.

Brian Grazer and Ron Howard discuss the Dark Tower movie adaptation at

David Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter films, is mulling over whether he will direct the trilogy of films Warner Bros has proposed for The Stand.

Previews of the new musical version of Carrie are set for Aug. 1 at Lucille Lortel Theatre.  Marin Mazzie & Molly Ranson star.

King’s essay My Summer Reading List is now online at the Entertainment Weekly website.

Tickets for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County are now on sale at the Alliance Theatre box office. King discusses the play in this video interview.


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Today we have some extremely exciting news about a great new addition to our 2012 line-up! We’re not taking orders just yet, but we wanted to share the good news with our collectors and supporters:


FANGORIA Entertainment and leading specialty genre publisher Cemetery Dance are teaming on a new series of lavish specialty hardcover books. The first, FANGORIA: A CELEBRATION OF FEAR, will be a deluxe coffee-table book collecting in full color Fango’s 300-plus magazine covers (the vast majority designed by longtime executive art director W.R. Mohalley). In addition, FANGORIA: A CELEBRATION OF FEAR will feature issue-by-issue commentaries, many by the famous horror celebrities and filmmakers interviewed by the magazine since 1979.

“I grew up reading each new issue of Fango from cover to cover, so I couldn’t be more pleased and proud to be partnering up with them for a brand-new line of books,” says Cemetery Dance president/publisher Richard Chizmar. “FANGORIA and Cemetery Dance should make one heckuva team!”

Edited by editor emeritus Anthony Timpone, FANGORIA: A CELEBRATION OF FEAR will be published in 2012. The hardcover will also showcase an introduction by current Fango chief Chris Alexander and a “top secret” foreword by one of Fango’s most famous fans. Future FANGORIA/Cemetery Dance books will include a mammoth DR. CYCLOPS review compendium (to be assembled by Fango managing editor Michael Gingold) and a collection of the best in new horror short fiction.

“FANGORIA Entertainment is thrilled to be working with Cemetery Dance,” says company president Thomas DeFeo. “Their specialty books have set the standard for high-quality craftsmanship and offer horror’s most unique voices. If these guys are good enough for Stephen King, they’re good enough for FANGORIA. We look forward to working with Cemetery Dance’s Rich Chizmar and Brian Freeman to create the finest possible FANGORIA hardcovers to delight our dedicated fan base.”

Cemetery Dance Publications is widely considered the world’s leading specialty press publisher of horror and dark suspense. The hardcover imprint has published the genre’s most acclaimed authors, including Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury, William Peter Blatty, Peter Straub, Justin Cronin, Frank Darabont, Mick Garris, Graham Masterton, Richard Laymon, Robert Bloch, Douglas Clegg, Jack Ketchum, William F. Nolan, Joe R. Lansdale, Simon Clark, Ray Garton, Ed Gorman, Brian Hodge, John Skipp and Brian Keene, along with the best new writers including Brian James Freeman, Kealan Patrick Burke, Norman Prentiss, Tim Curran, Greg Gifune and hundreds of others. Cemetery Dance magazine has published fiction and nonfiction by many of these same authors since 1988. You can find Cemetery Dance on the web here.

For over 32 years and spanning four decades, FANGORIA has been bringing readers the best in horror entertainment. In summer 2008, FANGORIA and all of its related brands were purchased by The Brooklyn Company Inc., led by longtime Fango Family member Thomas DeFeo. As the magazine’s new publisher, DeFeo ushered in an era of renewed focus on the content that made FANGORIA great; continues to expand the brand’s award-winning website; launched new digital ventures and a video-on-demand service; and is developing exciting feature-film productions, among them a remake of CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS.

Join the staff of Cemetery Dance to discuss this news on our message board!

Kin by Kealan Patrick Burke! New Signed Limited Edition!

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Today we’re pleased to announce Kin by Kealan Patrick Burke, a brand new signed Limited Edition hardcover with a print run of just 750 copies for the Limited Edition and just 26 copies for the Deluxe Lettered Edition!

Free US ShippingKinAbout the Book:

On a scorching hot summer day in Elkwood, Alabama, Claire Lambert staggers naked, wounded, and half-blind away from the scene of an atrocity. She is the sole survivor of a nightmare that claimed her friends, and even as she prays for rescue, the killers — a family of cannibalistic lunatics — are closing in.

A soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder returns from Iraq to the news that his brother is among the murdered in Elkwood.
In snowbound Detroit, a waitress trapped in an abusive relationship gets an unexpected visit that will lead to bloodshed and send her back on the road to a past she has spent years trying to outrun.

And Claire, the only survivor of the Elkwood Massacre, haunted by her dead friends, dreams of vengeance… a dream which will be realized as grief and rage turn good people into cold-blooded murderers and force alliances among strangers.

It’s time to return to Elkwood.

In the spirit of such iconic horror classics as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Deliverance, Kin begins at the end and studies the possible aftermath for the survivors of such traumas upon their return to the real world — the guilt, the grief, the thirst for revenge — and sets them on an unthinkable journey… back into the heart of darkness.

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In Laymon’s Terms Trade Hardcover Shipping Now!

Featuring Norman Partridge, Bentley Little, Jack Ketchum, Brian Keene, Gary Brandner, Steve Gerlach, Geoff Cooper, Edward Lee, and dozens and dozens of other great authors!

In Laymon’s Terms
edited by Kelly Laymon, Steve Gerlach, and Richard Chizmar

In Laymon's TermsCover artwork by gak

Photographs from the Laymon family albums

About the Book:

This massive, oversized tribute anthology for Richard Laymon features short fiction and personal remembrances from dozens and dozens of the biggest names in horror and Laymon’s biggest fans.

In addition, there are more than on hundred pages of “Rarities and Fan Favorites” from Richard Laymon’s personal files — stories, interviews, and more, including a 17 page photo album personally selected by Ann Laymon. Several of these rare pieces were scanned directly from Laymon’s original manuscripts and contain his handwritten corrections.

Featuring more than 600 pages of fiction and essays written in honor of the man, author, and friend, In Laymon’s Terms is personal, moving, and wildly entertaining. This is a unique hardcover that would have made Richard Laymon proud.

“Richard Laymon, who was known for his lean, mean horror fiction, died in 2001 at age 54. This substantial memorial anthology features photos, fiction, and interviews from his archives, as well as scores of essays and stories written in homage to his work… The editors have produced a discerning memorial to a fine and influential writer.”

Publishers Weekly

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Replacement Slipcases & Traycases! Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Classic Cemetery Dance Titles, and More!

We finally had a chance to organize and inventory all of our extra slipcases and traycases from past projects, and we’re selling the extras to our collectors on a First Come, First Served basis.  These cases are for many of our classic books, some going back to the early days of Cemetery Dance, including projects by Dean Koontz and Stephen King.

Some of these cases ALSO fit other books we’ve published that were NOT issued with a slipcase, so you’ll probably want to look over the product pages on our website closely. Just a few of the titles we have slipcases for include:

The Secretary of Dreams, Riding the Bullet, Darker, Midnight Mass, Bad News, Taverns of the Dead, The Devil’s Wine, October Dreams, The Stephen King Universe, The Dark Tower Concordance, The Passage, The Machinery of Night, Mondo Zombie, The Dwyer Trilogy, Come Out Tonight, Born Bad, Blood Crazy, Darkness Demands, Death’s Door, Fearful Symmetries, House Infernal, British Invasion, Midnight Grinding, Mind the Gap, Occasional Demons, The Secret Backs of Things, Walpuski’s Typewriter, The Winchester Horror, Crawlers, Weed Species, Death Hunt on Ervoon, The Girl on the Glider, The Cage, Catching Hell, The Shell Collector, Retribution, Inc., The Eyes of the Carp, Blue November Storms, Cold River, Cast in Dark Waters, and Purity.

These cases are being sold First Come, First Served, but some are extremely limited and they are all available to ship next week!

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Full Dark, No Stars with a Brand New BONUS SHORT STORY!

Full Dark, No StarsStephen King’s New York publisher has issued a brand new trade paperback edition of Full Dark, No Starsand this edition also includes “Under the Weather” by Stephen King, a chilling original short story that has never been published anywhere else before!

We’re only accepting orders for this edition for ONE WEEK and we will include a FREE BONUS CHAPBOOK about Stephen King’s work with your order! These chapbooks are the few remaining copies we have left from previous promotions and we can’t promise you’ll get a specific title, but you can see a list of our recent Stephen King promotion chapbooks on the Promotional Chapbook page.

These darkly thrilling stories are all linked by the theme of retribution, and are a showcase for the power of King’s inimitable imagination – satisfying established readers whilst enticing new ones. Visceral, immediate and featuring just a few characters, this is the other side of King’s writing; contrasting intimate portraits after the huge canvas that was Under the Dome.

‘I believe there is another man inside every man, a stranger…’ writes Wilfred Leland James in the early pages of the riveting confession that makes up ‘1922’, the first in this pitch-black quartet of mesmerising tales from Stephen King, linked by the theme of retribution. For James, that stranger is awakened when his wife Arlette proposes selling off the family homestead and moving to Omaha, setting in motion a gruesome train of murder and madness.

In ‘Big Driver’, a cozy-mystery writer named Tess encounters the stranger along a back road in Massachusetts when she takes a shortcut home after a book-club engagement. Violated and left for dead, Tess plots a revenge that will bring her face to face with another stranger: the one inside herself.

‘Fair Extension’, the shortest of these tales, is perhaps the nastiest and certainly the funniest. Making a deal with the devil not only saves Harry Streeter from a fatal cancer but provides rich recompense for a lifetime of resentment.

When her husband of more than twenty years is away on one of his business trips, Darcy Anderson looks for batteries in the garage. Her toe knocks up against a box under a worktable and she discovers the stranger inside her husband. It’s a horrifying discovery, rendered with bristling intensity, and it definitively ends ‘A Good Marriage’.

Read more on our website or place your order while supplies last!

News from the Dead Zone #142

Simon & Schuster has made available an excerpt of 11/22/63, which you can read here. It features a cameo from a familiar “character.” Word out of Book Expo America is that the first printing will be 1 million copies. Craig Wasson will narrate the audiobook.

King’s new short story “Under the Weather” is included in the US trade paperback of Full Dark, No Stars, out now.

Jae Lee has signed on to illustrate The Wind Through the Keyhole, which will be published as a limited edition by Donald M. Grant Publisher. Orders are not yet being taken and a final release date has not been established. King has agreed to sign 800 copies of a Deluxe Edition which will be issued in a tray case.

Hollywood Reporter has an update on the status of the Dark Tower adaptation and Ron Howard told Entertainment Weekly, “We had to pull back to our September start date due to budget delays and ongoing story development and logistical issues, but Dark Tower is moving forward,” Howard said. “We’re thinking of starting in early spring now. I can’t really say who’ll be in it yet, but Javier Bardem has shown a great deal of interest. We’ll know by the end of the summer, when our flashing green light goes solid.” The project would start with a feature film, followed by six hours of TV content, starring the same actors as in the movie. “There are elements of the Dark Tower saga that are more personal and can be best dealt with on television,” Howard continued. “TV allows you to roll out details of the characters in a more methodical way.”

King has a new essay and a recipe in Man with a Pan, edited by John Donahue.  The recipe is for “pretty good cake,” and in the essay King advocates the many uses of the frying pan and emphasizes the benefits of cooking over medium heat (plus a bit). He also returns to the pages of Entertainment Weekly with “My Summer Reading List, Best of Summer 2011” (June 3rd issue).

King is interviewed in Screem #22, their all-vampire issue. I also have an essay in that issue about ‘Salem’s Lot, the two TV miniseries adaptations and the dreadful “sequel.”

“The River” writer Michael Green is at work adapting Under the Dome in preparation for DreamWorks TV to shop to broadcast and cable buyers in a few months. There have been reports that Bag of Bones is filming as a TV miniseries as well.

Here’s a commentary by King on his Alliance Theatre musical Ghost Brothers of Darkland County and a call for cast members from Playbill. Lilja has some photos from the press conference at Lilja’s Library.

Haven is gearing up for its second season. There’s an article at Fangoria, a trailer and an interview with star Emily Rose.

Production Updates and News You Might Have Missed!

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In all of the excitement of the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of news you might have missed:

* The Deluxe Slipcased Gift Edition of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King is now more than 50% sold out after just 10 days, putting it well ahead of the pace of the Gift Edition of Full Dark, No Stars, which sold out in two months last year.

* The Mailman: The 20th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Bentley Little is now more than 75% sold out and will be Out of Print on publication due to strong demand from retailers.

* Undead by John Russo is now more than 50% sold out after just 24 hours! You can also view the full color artwork on our message board if you’d like to see what the back cover looks like!

* Brides of the Impaler by Edward Lee and The Miniaturist by Jay Bonansinga have both already sold out.

* Wicked Things by Thomas Tessier is selling extremely well and we expect retailer orders to wipe out the rest of our stock soon.

* This is your LAST CHANCE to order Tomislav Tikulin’s incredible art prints for Full Dark, No Stars. These Signed Limited Edition Art Prints are 13 inches X 19 inches and they will all be signed and numbered by the artist! Please visit our website for complete details and more information.

* Read more about the Cemetery Dance Forum Short Short Story Writing Contest or send in your entry today!

* Finally, we have some news about an extremely interesting product for Stephen King fans. We’re not involved in this project, but we think it looks terrific:

“ is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE site to order and purchase a new, unique and fine Collectible case for your First Trade Edition of “Night Shift”. Glenn Chadbourne, is producing hand signed and Lettered, full-color art pieces to be carefully affixed to the inside lid of each custom, hand-made Dolso wooden tray case, designed to hold the US Trade 1st edition of Stephen King’s “Night Shift”. Glenn Chadbourne has created 26 “Lettered” art pieces for this series. Each art piece will be based upon a story from the “Night Shift” collection. Click here to read more while supplies last!

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Undead by John Russo! New Signed Limited Edition Hardcover For Zombie Fans!

Stephen King called Night of the Living Dead “maybe the most important horror flick of the last 50 years” in Entertainment Weekly

Hi Folks!

UndeadToday we’re pleased to announce Undead by John Russo, an omnibus signed special Limited Edition featuring his TWO classic zombie novels in one volume! John Russo and George Romero were the creative forces behind the original Night of the Living Dead movie, which changed the horror genre — and zombie films in particular — forever!

About the Book:

George A. Romero’s classic 1968 film, Night of the Living Dead, has been revered among horror buffs and moviegoers since its release. It introduced a new era of gutmunching cinematic mayhem and inspired legions of directors and writers, among them Quentin Tarantino, George Lucas, Stephen King, and Steven Spielberg.

Free US ShippingJohn A. Russo, who co-wrote the screenplay for Night of the Living Dead, also turned the flesh-eating frenzy into two blood-drenched novels which until recently were Out of Print for thirty years and lost to an entire generation of readers. This book includes the rare original version of Return of the Living Dead, as opposed to the version based on Dan O’Bannon’s movie, which was a horror comedy.

In this beautiful special signed Limited Edition hardcover of Undead, Russo’s two classic novels have been combined into one gory, chilling volume. Within these pages you’ll find gruesome, suspenseful horror at its best.

Read more or place your order while supplies last!

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Deluxe Slipcased Gift Edition of IT is Selling VERY Quickly!

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The Deluxe Slipcased Gift Edition of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King is selling much faster than we expected. More than 1,000 copies have already been reserved, which is well ahead of the pace of Full Dark, No Stars last year, so there’s a very good chance this edition will sellout pre-publication, especially now that we’re hearing from the media and they’re starting to cover the news!

Here are the first two news stories to be posted about this special edition:

Fangoria: Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Stephen King’s “IT” with new edition

Bangor Daily News: Stephen King to release special 25th anniversary edition of ‘IT’

More news and updates to come, and a lot more great, surprise projects will be announced this summer and fall!

As always, thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm!

Update on IT by Stephen King!

Hi Folks!

Obviously our webhost wasn’t prepared for the It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King announcement even though we warned them that it was going to be huge and gave them traffic comparisions from past announcements so they could prepare. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience many of you experienced while trying to order this morning.

We are taking down the Limited Edition and Lettered Edition order buttons for now to prevent duplicate orders and charges. Click here to join the Waiting List to be notified when these editions are available again. We are very sorry for the trouble.

The SLIPCASED GIFT EDITION is still available for preorder right now on the main product page while supplies last, but sales have been extremely strong even with the website trouble.

Watch our Twitter or Facebook accounts for more frequent updates today while we work on the server problem.

As always, thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm!

IT: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King

“I worked on the book in a dream. I remember very little about the writing of it, except for the idea that I’d gotten hold of something that felt very big to me, and something that talked about more than monsters…”
— Stephen King, from the exclusive afterword for this special edition

It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition
by Stephen King

IT by Stephen King

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Cemetery Dance magazine #62 Signed Limited Edition!

Cemetery Dance magazine #62: The William Peter Blatty Special Issue
Extremely Affordable Deluxe Signed Limited Edition Hardcover Commemorative “Magazine”
LOW PRINT RUN and LOW PRICE: These Will NOT Last Long!


CD #62Hi Folks!

Today we’re very pleased to announce the Cemetery Dance magazine issue #62 Deluxe Signed Limited Edition Hardcover “Magazine” which features some incredible special content for fans of William Peter Blatty!

These collectible books will be Smyth sewn and printed on the same interior paper stock as our normal signed Limited Editions so they’ll hold up better than the regular version of the magazine you see on the newsstand.

This extremely affordable hardcover will also feature a full-color reproduction of the magazine’s front cover right on the binding, a beautiful special endpaper, and each copy will be signed by the editor on a unique Limitation Sheet featuring stunning COLOR artwork by Glenn Chadbourne created just for this special edition!

(See photos of the Cemetery Dance #61 special edition hardcover in our photo gallery if you didn’t see how incredibly those turned out!)

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like us to match your number from the Cemetery Dance #61 Limited Edition hardcover, please REPLY to your order confirmation email for this new volume and tell us what your number is right away!

Click here to read more or to place your order before supplies run out!

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Full Dark, No Stars Signed Limited Edition Art Prints! 13 X 19!

Art PrintsAs many of you know, Tomislav Tikulin’s cover artwork for our special edition of Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King was one of our most talked about covers of 2010.

What you may not know is that Tomislav lives in Croatia, which makes getting books or art prints signed a difficult and expensive proposition at best.

That said, Tomislav has been getting A LOT of requests so he has decided to produce FOUR different SIGNED Limited Edition Art Prints of the FRONT and BACK cover artwork for Full Dark, No Stars!

To help our collectors, we’ve arranged to take orders for the next TEN DAYS ONLY and then place one order with Tomislav on behalf of our customers. He’ll ship the prints to us in one big package and then we’ll re-ship to our customers, which should save them a lot of money.

These Signed Limited Edition Art Prints are 13 inches X 19 inches and they will all be signed and numbered by the artist! Please visit our website for complete details and more information.

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