Glenn Chadbourne’s Visit To Our Office (2005)

During the last week of February 2005, acclaimed artist Glenn Chadbourne came to our office to “remarque” hundreds of copies of The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book for our customers! We took a few pictures during his visit to share here. Enjoy!

Glenn outside our front door

Glenn with Kelly Laymon

Glenn with the CD Staff

(front row: Kelly and Mindy; back row: Brian,
Glenn, Richard)

Glenn starts remarquing the books

A Sample of Glenn’s Remarques

The Cemetery Dance Offices

The front door of our office.

Brian Freeman & Richard Chizmar

Our magazine wall (view #1)

Our magazine wall (view #2)

Mindy Jarusek, Geoff Cooper, Richard Chizmar, and Kelly Laymon playing Uno

Kelly Laymon

Kelly Laymon

Kelly Laymon

Billy Chizmar with our outgoing UPS pile

Our magazine shelf in the warehouse

The packing area in the warehouse

Sorting and storage in the warehouse

The packing peanut machine

Shelves of in-stock titles and our old UPS laptop

The Devil’s Wine first day UPS shipment pile

Bob, our UPS guy

Kelly Laymon, making the first of several trips to the post office

Cemetery Dance at Maryland Horrorfind 2004

Cemetery Dance at Maryland Horrorfind 2004

(L to R) Micheal Hyuck, Paul Melniczek, Edward
Lee, Brian Freeman, David Barnett, Wrath James White, and Geoff Cooper

F. Paul Wilson & Thomas F. Monteleone

Thomas F. Monteleone, Elizabeth Massie, Kelly Laymon

Edward Lee & Pamela Herbster

Cemetery Dance Shivers display

More Shivers and new releases

Shivers, new releases, and our signs

Those same signs as above, only closer!

(L to R) Micheal Hyuck, Paul Melniczek, Edward Lee,
David Barnett

Nanci Kalanta, Brian Keene, Michael Laimo, and Micheal Hyuck

Billy Chizmar

Cemetery Dance at Maryland Horrorfind 2003

Cemetery Dance at Maryland Horrorfind 2003

(L to R) Pamela Herbster, F. Paul Wilson, and Richard Chizmar

(Front Right to Back Left) Geoff Cooper, David Barnett, Richard Chizmar, Rick Hautala, Thomas F. Monteleone, F. Paul Wilson

The Cemetery Dance tables

The Cemetery Dance sign and New Releases display

The Shivers II signing schedule

(L to R) Thomas F. Monteleone, Rick Hautala, Richard Chizmar

Billy Chizmar & Douglas Clegg

(L to R) Mindy Jarusek, Richard Chizmar, Nanci Kalanta, Douglas Clegg, Brian Freeman

Gary Braunbeck

(L to R) Kealan Patrick Burke, David Niall Wilson, and Garrett Peck

Harry Shannon & Richard Chizmar

F. Paul Wilson & Thomas F. Monteleone

Kelly Laymon

A signed copy of Shivers II

The Original Dark Room Photo Section

Danny Warrick's sprint car

Sprint car driver Danny Warrick’s racecar, sponsored in part by Cemetery Dance Publications. Warrick was named Rookie of the Year for 1999 at Lincoln Speedway, Maryland.

Rick Hautala and Glenn Chadbourne
Bedbugs author Rick Hautala (left) and illustrator Glenn Chadbourne.

Pete Crowther
Pete Crowther — clearly a master of the shorts story — seen clutching a copy of his new CD collection, The Longest Single Note

Dean Koontz and TrixieDean Koontz and Trixie
Best-selling author Dean Koontz and Trixie — two of Cemetery Dance’s favorites! (Photo by Jerry Bauer)

Richard Laymon
Richard Laymon with his Beasthouse trilogy and The Wilds

Gary Brander
Gary Brandner, best-selling author of The Howling, with his new Cemetery Dance hardcover, Rot.

Edward Lee

Edward Lee, author of Operator “B” and The Stickmen.

Bill Walker
Bill Walker, author of Titanic 2012.

Billy Chizmar
The newest addition to Cemetery Dance Publications — William Henry Chizmar